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Trade Manufacturer and Supplier of Centres to the Award & Promotion Industry

Solid hard dome in full unlimited colour, photograph, or metallic, with superior foam adhesive backing. Production times normally 7-10 days

We produce Special Centres (also known as Decals, Inserts, Labels, Emblems) in various sizes and shapes, with choice of full colour and metallic foil. The most popular size is the 25mm (1 inch). There is also the option of domed, flat rigid, or flat label supplied on sheets.There is no artwork or setup charge.  Further options include our two-colour Economy Special, and a two part Special consisting of a 25mm  Personalised Adaptor with 20mm Standard placed on it.

25mm Special Centres

25mm Domed

25mm Flat Rigid

25mm Label

25mm Economy

Premium flat centre with .5mm foam backing that absorbs any rough, stipple surfaces and maintains good adhesion. Production normally max 7 days.

Budget vinyl centres supplied on sheets, easy to peel off, and fast production times.

Budget vinyl centres offered in 2 colours only; domed, flat, or label, with optional metallic, and fast production times.

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