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Trade Manufacturer and Supplier of Centres to the Award & Promotion Industry

Based in the UK, our family company has been involved in the award industry for over forty years.


Our focus is as trade only suppliers to distributors and retailers of  special and standard centres (also called decals, inserts or labels) primarily to the british and european market.


We began manufacturing centres in the mid 1970s. Screen printing was the chosen method, which was practised until the beginning of this century, eventually being replaced by digital printing.


We offer full colour, photographic, or metallic foil designs, no artwork or setup charge, and option of domed, flat rigid, or label quality centres. In addition to the traditional round centre, bespoke shapes are now available.


Knowledge of the industry and years of experience give us an important insght and understanding of  the needs and requirements of our niche market. To repeat the old english saying, we probably have "been there, seen it, and got the T-shirt".


Our maxim is to follow the important tenets of good quality, reasonable pricing, and reliable service - now, and for the years ahead!










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